Feel Better Than awake


Our mushroom coffee is both incredibly delicious and super good for you. To prove it, we made it easy for everyone to become a believer. Subscribe with 20% off, cancel any time. That's zero risk for infinite benefits.

Turning Coffee Lovers into Mushroom Coffee Lovers


I absolutely love this coffee and it makes me feel good to know I'm getting additional health benefits from the mushrooms. The packaging is amazing and makes me so happy to get in the mail every few weeks. I'm a big fan!


Absolutely love this coffee! The flavor is phenomenal and pairs very well with all my favorite creamers. I've noticed a little more mental clarity since drinking Brainchild and I couldn't be happier! Will be buying again :)


Delicious blend. Great coffee flavor with no notes of mushroom. I am delighted that my menopausal brain fog is lifted.


Brought this on a recent trip with friends and everyone raved. The coffee is delish and the packaging is the best! An instant pick-me-up I'm putting in all the grown-up Xmas stockings!


I was addicted to Starbucks for so long..omg this coffee is the best..i won't go back to other ..plus give me energy and peace of mind...