Coffee nerds, rejoice! - Wunderground's Brainchild Whole Bean Coffee infused with adaptogenic mushrooms is finally here and we’re excited to share an early shipment of our Brainchild Whole Bean Coffee with our top customers!

Below are details on how you can claim your $25 Wunderground gift card.

How to Score Your $25 Gift Card

Here is what to expect after your shipment arrives:

1. Try It!

Try your coffee! Brew it however you would normally brew it. Try brewing it in different ways. You do you!

2. Share It!

Snap a few pictures and share on the social network of your choice! We ask that you share these during the week of 3/20 to help us spread the word after Brainchild Whole Bean Coffee is available to everyone. Be sure to tag Wunderground (handles below) and use the hashtags: #wundergroundcoffee #coffeenerd #madewholeagain

Twitter: wgroundcoffee
Instagram @ wundergroundcoffee

3. Tell Us!

Later this month, we will email you a survey link. Fill out the survey (please be candid!) and share a link to your social post with us.

4. Enjoy It!

That's it! Once we get your survey response and social post, we'll get you a $25 Wunderground Gift Card via email.