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Instant Brainiac

Your brain doesn’t have a pause button, and neither should your coffee. When it’s time to boost that brainpower with Brainchild, we’ve got the instant ready at any instant. It’s ready so you can be.

Wunderkits always save you 10%, Subscribe and you save 20%, it’s that simple.

  • 2 boxes of Brainchild instant coffee, 10 servings per box
  • Subscription cost per serving: $1.15 
  • Medium roast
  • Origin: Colombia
  • Mushrooms Per Serving:
    • 250mg Organic Lion’s Mane, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration 
    • 250mg Organic Cordyceps, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration
  • Premium instant coffee, medium roast
  • Supports cognitive health, focus, clarity
  • Flavor notes: hint of cornflakes, chocolate, and toasted tree nuts