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Time to Rise. Our Whole Bean Coffee Stands Alone. (No Mushrooms)

We’re really good at coffee. Good enough that we made this one without any mushrooms. We’re just living our own fair-to-farmers mantra and obsessing over the most masterful medium roast that makes our beans the happiest. It’s pure love.  You’re about to get a taste of that. Beyond coffee, our truest passion is formulating wunder. It’s why we exist. Creating a safe but curiosity-inducing headspace, elbowing free a few moments to explore what’s out there to do. That’s us. You are now tall enough for every ride. Go.

  • Whole bean coffee, medium roast, universal grind
  • Origin: Guatemala & Colombia, direct purchase from smallholder farmers
  • Mushrooms: None 
  • Premium Arabica Coffee
  • 12 oz bag, nitro flushed for peak freshness (6+ month shelf life after purchase!)
  • Flavor notes: Medium body, pleasant acidity, notes of milk chocolate, apricot, and caramel

Why we love it

We enjoy this coffee for our everyday cup to alternate between our mushroom coffees.