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Why settle for being a genius when you can be, you know, a double genius? Grab double the Brainchild so when the inspiration strikes, you have your magic potion ready to brew.

  • 2 bags of Brainchild
  • Subscription cost per serving: $0.93
  • Medium roast, universal grind 
  • Origin: Guatemala & Colombia, direct purchase from smallholder farmers
  • Organic adaptogenic mushrooms (per 12 oz serving):
    • 200mg Lion’s Mane, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration 
    • 200mg Cordyceps, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration
  • Premium Arabica coffee
  • 12 oz bag, nitro flushed for peak freshness (6+ month shelf life after purchase)
  • Flavor notes: medium body, pleasant acidity, buttery with notes of graham cracker, milk chocolate, and apricot (sorry, we’re kind of geeks about our coffee)