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There’s no earthy funk or weird aftertaste. Just the roasted-right flavor coffee drinkers want but with a micro-dose of mushroom goodness and a jolt that’s slightly softened by the presence of those ingredients.

Wunderground is paving the way for both adaptogenic mushrooms and coffee. Unlike many others in the adaptogenic coffee space, Wunderground has cracked the code with incredibly delicious coffee that has the benefits of mushrooms and tastes just like you'd expect from your favorite micro-roaster.

Wunderground prioritized creating a delicious cup of coffee, a crowd-pleasing medium roast of Guatemalan and Colombian beans that’s great on its own or with additives, in which any mushroom flavors would be mostly unnoticeable.

They’re all about providing consumers with a drink that gives you a creative buzz while also giving you the health benefits of each mushroom

Hocus Pocus. Ground Coffee with Chaga and Reishi (Immunity)
Hocus Pocus. Instant Mushroom Coffee (Immunity)
Super Immunity Bundle (Hocus Pocus)
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Instant Super Immunity Bundle (Hocus Pocus)
Sale price $28.80 Regular price $32.00 Save $3.20
Brainchild. Ground Coffee with Lion's Mane and Cordyceps (Cognitive)
Brainchild. Instant Mushroom Coffee (Cognitive)
Sale price $39.60 Regular price $44.00 Save $4.40
Instant Brainiac
Sale price $22.40 Regular price $32.00 Save $9.60

Turning Coffee Lovers Into Mushroom Coffee Lovers


The ultimate goodnight kiss

How I end every night now

Jonathon T
Dream Supply

Morning fog be gone!

I LOVE! The lions mane coffee gets rid of my morning head fog and it tastes so good!! Definitely recommended it to my family and friends :)

Stefanie D
Brainchild Ground Coffee


This is the perfect marriage of rich, ethically sourced coffee, and medical fungi that I recommend to clients all the time. The flavor is fantastic, making it a great way to get these important adaptogens into your daily routine, and they take the jittery edge off of the caffeine, which is perfect for me. I am so impressed!

Karyn S
Hocus Pocus Instant

DAMN fine & cute packaging :)

I love 'Time To Rise' it's the perfect way to start your day!!! I live with 3 roommates and we are all obsessed with this product!!! Also, looks so cute in our kitchen!

Maria R
Time to Rise Whole Bean Coffee

Absolutely love!

I drink reshi mushroom coffee to balance hormones and this is the first coffee I’ve had that actually tastes like coffee. I love it!! My new go to!

Theresa S
Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee