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Chaga boosts your energy and fights fatigue from daily stressors. It's like coffee’s partner in crime, if it's a crime to make a good day great.

Cordyceps are so rare that they’ve been called “Himalayan gold”, and have been shown to have powerful anti-oxidants that help pulverize free radicals. Solid gold.

Lion’s Mane helps with cognition and focus! Whether that means focusing on work, or remembering step 4 of your skincare routine, Lion’s Mane is here to give you a kick in the pants (metaphorically).

Reishi helps to regulate our adrenal system; calming us down and giving us a break even when we’re too busy to schedule one. Employee of the year!

We're blushing...


The ultimate goodnight kiss

How I end every night now

Jonathon T
Dream Supply

Morning fog be gone!

I LOVE! The lions mane coffee gets rid of my morning head fog and it tastes so good!! Definitely recommended it to my family and friends :)

Stefanie D
Brainchild Ground Coffee


This is the perfect marriage of rich, ethically sourced coffee, and medical fungi that I recommend to clients all the time. The flavor is fantastic, making it a great way to get these important adaptogens into your daily routine, and they take the jittery edge off of the caffeine, which is perfect for me. I am so impressed!

Karyn S
Hocus Pocus Instant

DAMN fine & cute packaging :)

I love 'Time To Rise' it's the perfect way to start your day!!! I live with 3 roommates and we are all obsessed with this product!!! Also, looks so cute in our kitchen!

Maria R
Time to Rise Whole Bean Coffee

Absolutely love!

I drink reshi mushroom coffee to balance hormones and this is the first coffee I’ve had that actually tastes like coffee. I love it!! My new go to!

Theresa S
Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee




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Why settle for being a genius when you can be, you know, a double genius? Grab double the Brainchild so when the inspiration strikes, you have your magic potion ready to brew.

Our coffee is sealed for peak freshness with a nitroflush that ensures it stays at its best for a year. After you open the bag, make sure to enjoy it within two weeks for maximum freshness!

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Instant Immunity

Instant Immunity

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The first line of defense should always be at the ready, and our immunity boosting Hocus Pocus is. With two boxes standing at attention, your immune system always has a friend ready to lend a hand.

Wunderkits always save you 10%, Subscribe and you save 20%, it’s that simple.

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Instant Immunity