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Better coffee, that's better for all of us.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month
We're proud to announce Wunderground's 5% of Profits Pledge. Funds will go toward mental health therapies using mushrooms to help improve lives of young adults.

Tastes amazing

We obsessed over the beans, roast and infusions for two years to create the most delicious coffee you’ll ever taste.

Good for you

No new routines or supplements needed. Just drink your coffee or tea and you’ll be getting support for cognition, focus, immunity and sleep through adaptogenic mushrooms.

Grow together

We believe coffee = community. Your purchase supports mental health causes and you can also be confident your purchase is fairly sourced and farmers are being fairly paid.

Feel Wunderful in 9 Days

Get your body, mind, and spirit in check in 9 days.
Just swap out your regular coffee for the magic of our delicious coffee and tea with mushrooms!

Brainfog be gone.
Spring clean your mind.

Stay focused & clear-headed with our Brainchild Coffee
blended with 4 grams of fruiting body Lion's Mane and Chaga.



The coffee you love,
with benefits you’ll feel.

Our Hocus Pocus blend combines the delicious coffee flavor of your favorite micro-roaster with all the benefits of Reishi and Chaga mushrooms to support your immune system. Work Wunders.

Find Joy in Wunder

Organic Ground & Instant Hocus Pocus Coffee

Stay Healthy & Calm

Blend: Medium Roast

Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Fruiting bodies of organic wood grown Chaga & organic wood grown Reishi.

Brew for: Immune Support, Anti-Inflammation, Calmness.

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Now enjoy your favorite Brainchild coffee just the way you love it —
Espresso, Drip, Pour Over, French Press, you name it!


Organic Whole Bean Infused Brainchild Coffee

Stay Focused & Clear

Blend: Medium-Dark Roast

Adaptogenic Mushrooms: 
4,000 mg/serving of fruiting bodies of organic wood grown Lion's Mane & organic wood grown Cordyceps.

Brew for: Clarity, Focus, Anti-jitters, Muscle Support.


Want to try just one?
Find your perfect mushroom with our Shroom Finder quiz.

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From immune support to stress relief, there's a Wunderground blend for everyone. Find out what shrooms support you the best.

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Mia L.

Love each product I've tried. Thank you!

Jeff G.

Amazingly smooth, rich, loved every sip.

Miya M.

This coffee is SO delicious AND makes me feel great!

Marilyn H.

This is my go-to coffee when I'm on the road. No more hotel coffee. 

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