About us

Why we created Wunderground

Coffee is our creativity. Wanting to make it wunderful inspired us. We sourced beans we feel great about, grown on smallholder farms by farmers we believe in. We roasted exactly a bagazillion beans to find the perfect balance to pair with our adaptogenic mushrooms and taste incredible. We’ve already gone on and on about our mushrooms and could go on and on some more. So yeah, we sell coffee. Really good coffee. But we prefer to think our actual product is helping people be creative. 

We created Wunderground to help everyone find a pathway for creative expression. We were inspired by the back of a cereal box. Games, puzzles, journeys, they all got the brain going. Wunderground is here because we (physically) outgrew (for the most part) sugary cereals, but not the need to get our synapses firing in the morning. Wunderground is a cereal box for grownups. Wunder doesn’t happen until we are just comfortable enough to test our comfort levels. Once someone carves out a ritual for wunder to grow- a safe but curiosity-inducing headspace, wunder kicks in. That’s why we’re here.

So we took our coffee, poured it into a package that represents a blank canvas for creativity. Our designs inspire wunder. Our logo creates a stage. And we’re getting it ready for your performance.

A note from our founder, Jody Hall

Everything I’ve created or put passionate energy toward has been driven around one single idea: Inspire profound human connection. I try to do so by creating a people-first culture that builds trust and collaboration. Most of us are starving for this environment. I learned that early in my career while helping to grow a tiny coffee company in Seattle into a revered global brand. I've applied it to every company I’ve built since.

Wunderground is the culmination of everything I’m passionate about. We’re taking the most enjoyed and ritualistic beverage in the world, making it better, and making it to make you feel better. We’re making it better by adding incredibly efficacious adaptogens in the form of medicinal mushrooms. We’re making it better by working with smallholder coffee farmers directly, and putting 75% of the premium price back into their pockets. We’re making it better by creating a company of the future--one that gives ownership to every one of our team members because we rise together. 

We’re focused on not just a great collection of creations and revenue for our stakeholders, but also for our impact on people and planet. As a lesbian business owner that has been a pioneer and led the narrative in each of my prior companies, I’m especially keen to the decline in our mental health over the past decade, exacerbated this year by the fear and isolation from Covid-19. Our coffees really help us combat the new escalated normal of stress and anxiety. Regular consumption helps remove the cloud that overwhelms us and brings clarity to our day. I’m excited to hear how people feel after drinking Wunderground. I'm excited to continue to build a company that inspires wunder, a feeling we have when we're grounded and present. On top of that, I’m dedicated to being a vocal and unapologetic supporter of mental health. We all could use a little help from time to time. My passion around Wunderground being a part of the solution is what drives me every day.