4 Ways Holiday Travel Impacts Health

Discover how mushrooms can make traveling enjoyable

It's a treat to see friends and family during festive seasons, but the hustle and bustle often leaves us neglecting self care. Travel is real hard on your body, and the effects can sometimes go unnoticed. "Travel disrupts many of the body’s natural rhythms” says Dr. Kyle Staller, of Massachusetts General Hospital. Whether by plane, boat, train, or car, traveling can provoke digestive turmoil, stress, and sleep disruption often resulting in an overall sense of having less energy.

You can avoid these nasty holiday icks with adaptogenic mushrooms — the ultimate secret for traveling well. Here, four of the most common health problems travelers experience and how to ease them with ‘shrooms.

#1- Fatigue: Your circadian rhythm can be affected by travel, messing with sleep schedules and depriving you of precious ZZZs. Many people already don't get adequate sleep, so you may feel tired before you hit the road. Seemingly innocuous things like light, noise, and unfamiliar environments can also keep you up at night. And  of course, jet lag makes it hard to fall asleep. Long term, fatigue has negative impacts to health and can lead to more serious health issues. So what can you do to get some shut-eye during holiday travels? 

Before and during any trip, consider Lion's Mane as the perfect travel companion. Scientists say Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) improves REM sleep cycles — the essential part of sleep that energizes and refreshes. Lion's Mane alone doesn't make you sleepy, but it stabilizes cortisol levels, so you rest better. When traveling, sip Lion's Mane paired with soothing chamomile tea the night to help you snooze easier before, during and after each trip.


#2- Digestive issues: Many of us experience digestive problems while traveling — from problematic bms to heartburn! The digestion system powers bodily functions like energy production, cell growth, and maintenance, so when things are "backed up," it can make a person feel off balance. Happily, there are a handful of natural ways to keep belly aches away when you're out and about.

The natural wonders of Reishi have been used for centuries as a gut aid. And scientists agree that the adaptogenic effects of Reishi mushrooms support the gut and digestion by easing stress responses — a common trigger that causes tummy troubles. Reishi has been shown to reduce inflammation, another culprit of digestive issues and is a wonderful all-around mushroom, thanks to the balance Reishi brings into the body.

#3- Anxiety: Holiday travel can be a nightmare. Airports, buses, roadways, and trains are busy, crowded, and we tend to feel stress when preparing to travel. Security lines, in-laws, family, suitcases packed to the gills - even the most calm among us can start feeling pressure during holidays. And while we can’t help get you through TSA any faster, we do have some tried and true ways to lessen the stress you encounter when traveling! 

Cordyceps mushrooms (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) are an adaptogen known to boost adrenal activity. Stress can be easier to deal with if your adrenergic system is supported! Before taking off, try ground Cordyceps in your pasta or ramen — they add a taste of its deep, umami flavor. And of course, we boost our daily ritual by packing Brainchild instants.

#4- Brain Power: HSSO, also known as Holiday Season Stimuli Overload (yes, we made that up) can leave us feeling foggy, distracted, or unfocused during the holidays. Jetlag, family time, or having a lot on your plate can all lead to overwhelm and mental fatigue.

Chaga mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus) are loaded with antioxidants and are great at absorbing oxygen radicals. Chaga also helps your brain through compounds that boost focus and mental function. Drinking tea or coffee with Chaga mushrooms is one of the most popular ways to get their benefits. When ground, Chaga powder can also be added to smoothies or pancake batter.

Yummy products to ease travel

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