Cold Brew to Kick Off Summer: Japanese-Style Cold Brew Recipe

As we round the corner into summer, my cold brew gear has made its first appearance! What better time to share my afternoon pick-me-up cold brew recipe?

Whole Bean Brainchild Coffee has become my de facto go-to for cold brew. It makes a wonderfully smooth, bold cup and if you want an extra dose of mushroom goodness, the recipe below includes an optional step of adding our brand new Brain Wash Super Booster and milk of your choice. I seriously haven’t been to a cafe for cold brew since I started making this recipe at home.

I’ve experimented a lot and have landed on the Hario V60 as my favorite way to make cold brew at home. Did you know “Hario” means “King of Glass” in Japanese? (Neither did I until I just Googled it.)

This one is especially experiential because you can see all the magic happening and hear the tower of ice cracking as the hot coffee is brewed and falls over the tower of ice that cools it immediately. I used Brainchild Whole Bean for my first cold brew of the season last week. I didn’t adjust my normal recipe at all - and this was probably the best cup of cold brew I’ve had - period. 



Japanese-Style Cold Brew

What you’ll need: 

How to do it: 

  1. Start your water boiling and set up your V60 (plastic insert in the glass container, V60 on top of that)
  2. Grind 20 g of coffee to medium (consistency of sand)
  3. Once the water is hot, pour a little over your filter to rinse it, then empty the rinsing water out.
  4. Add 120g of ice to the plastic insert
  5. Add 20g of coffee to the V60 with the rinsed filter.
  6. Place it all on the scale and tare the scale (zero it out)
  7. WE’RE READY. Start your timer. And brew as below: 
    • Take 10 seconds to pour the first 50g of water over the grounds in a circular motion.
    • Wait 45 seconds
    • Take 10 seconds to pour 60g of water over the grounds in a circular motion
    • Wait 45 seconds
    • Take 10 seconds to pour 70g of water over the grounds in a circular motion
    • Wait for the water to drain through and pass over the ice. Enjoy the show!
  8. Remove the V60 and serve on ice!

The coffee will already be cold, so adding ice won't dilute it much at all. 

For an extra treat: 

Add 1 scoop of Brain Wash Super Booster to the milk or non dairy beverage of your choice and use a frother to incorporate. Add to your iced coffee and ENJOY!