COVID and Immunity, It's a Great Time to Use Mushrooms

The benefits of efficacious mushroom adaptogens are simply too many to mention, and here we all are trying to stay healthy, smack in the middle of an epidemic. So, let’s tackle how mushrooms help our immune system by keeping our force fields powered up.

First, mushrooms work best as a tonic, meaning as part of your daily routine, and not necessarily for an acute illness. Extracts from medicinal mushrooms, like those in Wunderground’s Hocus Pocus, are filled with beta-glucans. These beta-glucans are polysaccharides that help support and balance, or modulate, our immune system. What does that mean? We believe specific mushrooms can help bring our body back into homeostasis and regulate activity of the immune system. For us, we feel our immune system will actually be smarter, more trained, and more equipped to take on what comes our way.  

Medicinal mushrooms, like Reishi and Chaga, also contain other important constituents such as triterpenes and antioxidants. Triterpenes and antioxidants offer enhanced protection for the body. Reishi and Chaga are also known as adaptogens. Adaptogens help balance our body, sort of like a thermostat does to balance the temperature in a room. These incredible adaptogens support healthy cortisol levels, support immunity, give us energy during the day and help us rest better at night. The Reishi and Chaga extracts in Hocus Pocus work to balance cortisol levels for better sleep at night and will help give the immune system an edge over the bad bugs lurking around.  

Life today is just a whole lot different than a few years ago. Many of us are inundated with new and first-time stressors; emotional, physical, environmental, chemical and mental. The cute baby being a little less cute when not sleeping at night, everyone learning to drive again during the daily commutes to work. That is, if we didn’t already leave a job to see what’s next. And coming out of the holidays, maybe a little too much fondue, or a few extra Manhattans because our trip to Manhattan was cancelled. It all adds up. As we feel daily fatigue, brain fog, difficulty sleeping… All this can create high cortisol levels and other imbalances in the body. Which can lead to even worse sleep, lower energy, and poorer immunity.  

Which leads to the adaptogens in Hocus Pocus. Adaptogens don’t give that initial jolt of energy that caffeine (or sugar) might provide. Instead, adaptogens are working behind the scenes to support a balanced, healthy functioning body. Three cheers for homeostasis! Want to know more? Get a degree in mushroom education here.