Introducing a Wunderful Partnership: Fueling Connection and Performance at Meta

Coffee, mushrooms, and community—three powerful ingredients that form the heart and soul of Wunderground Coffee. Inspired by the potential of human connection, we set out to create products, experiences, and a brand that brings people together and helps them feel and perform better. And now, we're thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with Meta, a global leader in social technology.

Meta's mission to empower people to build community and bring the world closer together perfectly aligns with our values. We're on a mission to create meaningful connections and enhance well-being. That's why we're excited to offer our good-for-you coffee blends to Meta employees in the Bay Area, with 77 locations now serving up the wunder of Wunderground Coffee!

From the moment founder Jody Hall was inspired by a lecture on mushrooms, Wunderground Coffee became more than just a product—it became a movement. Our commitment to building "Coffee 2.0" has allowed us to create blends that taste amazing and invite health and well-being into every sip. We believe that coffee can be more than just a beverage; it can catalyze creativity, collaboration, and positive change.

Just as Meta has revolutionized how billions of people connect through platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Wunderground Coffee revolutionized the coffee experience. We don't settle for ordinary; our carefully roasted coffee blends are infused with adaptogenic mushrooms for added benefits without compromising taste. It's the perfect blend of flavor, function, and feeling good.

As Wunderground Coffee settles into its new home in Meta's Bay Area locations, we're excited to fuel Meta’s employees with the power of our thoughtfully crafted coffee. When people feel their best, they can perform their best, and together we can build a more powerful, more connected world.

So, cheers to a wunderful partnership between Wunderground Coffee and Meta. This collaboration brings together the magic of social technology and the transformative power of coffee!