KIRO 7 News Reports On Wunderground Coffee

We were thrilled to welcome our local Seattle news station, KIRO 7 to our Capitol Hill café last week for a segment on our wunderful adaptogenic mushroom coffee.
Our mission has always been to create great tasting coffee that nurtures your body and mind. “If there was a way to add wellness to what we already do every single day and have it taste delicious to help us better improve our mood, our focus, our brain function, help our circadian rhythms, that’s what we’re building with Wunderground,” says Jody Hall, Wunderground Coffee’s Founder and CEO. You can learn more about our mission and values in the About Us section of our website.
In this piece, News Anchor Frankie Katafias tested out our menu of adaptogenic coffee—even sampling some of our upcoming flavors - and agreed that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for the benefits of mushrooms. 
Ready to try it for yourself? Start with our Shroom Finder Quiz where you’ll be matched with the perfect Wunderground Coffee blend.