Mush Love NFT Launches!

Wunderground Coffee announces tokenized “Spore” NFT giveaway in honor of National Mushroom Day, prizes include limited edition bag of psilocybin-microdose infused coffee

SEATTLE, Wash., October 13, 2022 - Wunderground Coffee, an adaptogenic mushroom and coffee brand, today announced it is launching a tokenized “Spore” giveaway in honor of National Mushroom Day on Saturday, October 15. 

Starting at 8 AM PST today and running through Monday , October 31 mushroom lovers can sign up to receive a free “Mushie Spore'' by visiting  The “Mushie Spore'' will serve as an access pass to free products and exclusive experiences  built around love for mushrooms and their superpowers, while doubling as a digital collectable in the form of a non-fungible-toke (NFT).

Winners of the initial giveaway will be announced on November 4 on Wunderground’s Twitter community. Prizes include a first-of-its-kind, limited edition bag of ground-breaking psilocybin-microdose infused whole bean coffee, sourced and roasted by Duane Sorenson, founder of Stumptown Coffee in a collaboration with his new venture,  Puff Coffee, as well as Wunderground and various industry partners merchandise, and product.

“We’re building Wunderground to create coffee 2.0,” says Wunderground founder Jody Hall.  “Our aim is to bring wellness to the most ritualistic beverage in the world to help us navigate this new ‘normal’ of heightened stress which affects almost all of us.  We’re building a product for coffee lovers who want to feel and perform better,” says Hall. Wunderground adds potent concentrates of adaptogenic mushroom extract superfoods to well sourced and roasted coffee.  The adaptogenic mushrooms help balance or regulate our bodies to help us better manage stress, anxiety, help us focus, uplift mood and help us boost immunity.

Wunderground Coffee also shared that the “Mushie Spore” will be the first tier of a new online resource for all things mushrooms and access to Wunderground’s “Mush Lover” community events, speakers, and upcoming immersive experiences.

The “Mushie Spore” holders will have first access to a paid NFT coming later this year. The NFT series aim is to build an engaging community around mushrooms, as well as to raise funds for innovative mental health therapies, including treatments using psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in “magic mushrooms”.  With every dollar raised through the paid NFT, Wunderground will make a material impact by donating 10% to mental health efforts across the country.

“Wunderground’s mushrooms help us cope with this new normal and we’re excited to be building a digital wellness community around this as well. We hope to create a hub to help each other be less stressed, to learn together, grow together and create together .” adds Hall. The 10 lucky prize winners to receive the magic brew - i.e. beans infused with a microdose of psilocybin will be handed out in person in Seattle and Portland, both places that have decriminalized psilocybin. Wundergound does not intend to sell this product, but instead is making a statement. “We should be actively exploring the benefits of this compound to aid us during this mental health crisis” says Hall.

Wunderground’s giveaway and community program were developed in conjunction with Brightloom, a customer intelligence and advisory services company.  

About Wunderground

Wunderground Café and the Wunderground Coffee brand were launched in 2021 to bring the vast benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms to the daily ritual of coffee. Voted the best tasting mushroom coffee by Gear Patrol, their adaptogenic beverages can help us balance stress and cortisol, improve focus, boost whole system immunity, and improve mood. Wunderground Coffee is available for purchase directly at, locally in Seattle  at PCC Markets or at their Seattle café located a 1111 E. Pike St. Suite 111, Seattle, WA 98122. For press inquiries, samples, or collaborations contact Wunderground at