Mush Pride - Letter From Jody on Pride Month

Happy Pride Everyone!

 Hi, Jody here.  I’m the founder and ceo of Wunderground.  First of all, I want to take a moment to thank you for being a Wunderground customer.  We’re really proud of the delicious and beneficial coffees and teas that we’ve created and are humbled by the feedback from our customers.  Our aim was to make coffee better, to help us all feel and perform better.  

Pride to me means to live out and grow the idea that we should learn, welcome and celebrate our differences.  These notions can connect us and help us better understand each other.  When we connect, we lift ourselves and others up.  

As a lesbian entrepreneur and founder of one of the first cupcake businesses 20 years ago in Seattle, I “came out” as a business leader when we created “The Gay” cupcake.  I felt it was important to use my position to get involved and lead our community and drive for equality and representation.  Advisors thought I was crazy to mix business and politics, but I saw the negative impact this was having on my staff, community and family and I couldn’t stay silent.  

As we celebrate pride in 2022, we do so in an environment of hyper stress and divisiveness–for a multitude of reasons.  Coming together in community and connection is more important now than ever.  It feeds us, it lifts us up, it tells us that we’re worthy. 

Wunderground was created to help us navigate this new normal, by adding potent adaptogenic mushrooms to premium and expertly roasted specialty coffee and have it taste delicious so we would enjoy it every day.

Any purchase of a Pride Tee for the remainder of June gets a free Mr. Mushy Pride Sticker

We wish you a happy and joyful pride celebration!