Why Adaptogens? A Chat with Dr. Arti Chandra

In a world where stress lurks around every corner, adaptogens have emerged as nature's secret weapons to help us tackle life's challenges. We had a chat with the amazing Dr. Arti Chandra, Wunderground’s Medical Advisor who has a long history with Functional/Integrative Medicine, to understand more about the world of adaptogens and their important role with Wunderground Coffee.

According to Dr. Chandra, our modern lives are like stress battlegrounds, bombarding our bodies with all sorts of challenges. She says, "Our systems are often caught off guard by environmental and stress-related chemicals, leading to potential health issues." To her, the key is finding ways to protect our bodies and promote overall well-being.

Enter adaptogens: these natural compounds found in plants have a knack for helping our bodies build resilience and restore balance. "Adaptogens are like your body's allies, supporting your systems to adapt and stay balanced amidst stressors," says Dr. Chandra. This balancing act can result in improved energy, focus, and overall biochemical strength.

And here's where Wunderground Coffee brews up a difference, fusing adaptogens and coffee in a perfect partnership. Dr. Chandra can hardly contain her enthusiasm: "That's why Wunderground has me so excited! [Wunderground has] seamlessly blended adaptogens and coffee to create a wellness powerhouse."

You see, our coffee isn't just about satisfying your taste buds – it's a full-on adaptogenic experience. Dr. Chandra highlights, "These plant-based adaptogens, especially mushrooms, come with added benefits like immune support." This means that savoring Wunderground Coffee isn't just about indulging in a delicious cup; it's about supporting your body's natural defenses too.

It all brews down to the fact that our delicious blends of adaptogens and coffee are like a daily dose of well-being. Dr. Chandra puts it beautifully: "It's like infusing these incredible compounds into your daily routine, elevating your wellness with every sip." So, go ahead and raise your cup to adaptogenic magic – it's a tasty way to nurture your health.

About Dr. Chandra: Arti Chandra is a family practice physician who earned her Certification in Functional Medicine as a member of the first class of practitioners to receive this designation from The Institute for Functional Medicine. She is also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and holds a master’s degree in Public Health. 

Dr. Chandra’s passion for Functional/Integrative Medicine is driven by her long-standing commitment to reduce the burden of disease and suffering and to improve health and vitality at a population health level by identifying root causes of disease and restoring health through healing foods and lifestyle measures.