Organic Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee

Organic Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee
Organic Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee
Organic Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee

Organic Hocus Pocus Ground Coffee

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Hocus Pocus brings the magic. Blending time-tested Reishi and Chaga mushrooms, this organic coffee promises to boost your immune system and invite in a sense of calm. Reishi is a well-known anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, immune stimulator. Chaga is a perfect companion, pairing powerful antioxidants with support for overall health – from lowering cholesterol and increasing white blood cells. All of Wunderground’s coffee beans are sustainably grown and directly supports farmers in each agricultural origin.

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Benefits +
Immune System Support
Alleviate Stress and Fatigue
Gut Health
Brain Support
Cholesterol-lowering Compounds
Rich in Antioxidants
Mushroom Information +
Reishi and Chaga

500 mg mushroom dose per 12 oz cup

Reishi: 15:1 concentration,

Chaga: 8:1 concentration
Coffee Information +
Premium Arabica coffee purchased directly from small farmers! Medium roast, universal grind. 

90 mg Caffeine per 8 oz
Tasting Notes +
Notes of dark chocolate, toasted pecan, and orange (yum!)
More Details +
6+ month shelf life in 12 oz bag nitro flushed for peak freshness.  We call that Happiness Guaranteed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your product taste like mushrooms? +
Nope! No mushroom flavor here. Unlike other mushroom coffees, we spent 2 years perfecting the roast curve so all you taste is deliciousness.
Are these magic mushrooms? +
They're not but we think they are pretty magical nonetheless. Medicinal mushrooms support overall wellness including brain function, immunity, and emotional calm.
Are your mushrooms organic? +
Yes! We chose our mushrooms carefully because we are obsessively picky. Our organic mushrooms are grown on natural wood substrate, mimicking how they grow in the wild.
If I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back? +
We guarantee both freshness and your happiness for 30 days, so if anything's not right, you'll get a refund. No risk, all reward.

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