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We love Chaga because we appreciate its take on life. It’s the party-starter, supporting physical endurance, reduced fatigue and helping healthy digestion. Chaga is the spirit animal of our immune system because of its richness of beta-glucans.

Today’s history lesson: Chaga’s been used since the 16th Century, traditionally as a remedy for stomach ailments. Chaga is referred to as “black gold,” or “the gold of the forest” because they are known as one of the most potent natural medicines. They are found growing on birch trees in northern forests, sometimes as much as thirty feet off the ground. Which, of course, makes for a tricky harvest. Fun little fact for the next time you’re spouting mushroom trivia: Ötzi the Iceman, that mummy found in the Austrian Alps believed to have lived between 3400 to 3100 BCE, had Chaga in his pouch.