Welcome back to work, now with wellness.

We found the most powerful organic mushroom extracts and paired them with really great coffee. Depending on what you’re after, they help keep your body in balance, give your noodle a little cardio, or boost your force fields while supporting focus and calm. Welcome to Wunderground.

Meet our team of superpower mushrooms

Every mushroom in our coffee brings something different to the party. Looking to boost your immunity? Boost brain power? Get on the fast track to Zzzzztown?

The 3-pack sampler lets you try three of our most popular products. Join us for the MushLOVE 101 presentation.

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Instant 3-Pack Sampler

Instant 3-Pack Sampler
Instant 3-Pack Sampler

Instant 3-Pack Sampler

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Try them before you buy them!  What could be better?  

Brainchild Instant Coffee - It's like cardio for your noggin, meaning you’ll find yourself with a super sharp memory and the type of mega focus that makes you forget it’s Monday.

Hocus Pocus Instant Coffee - Give your immune system an unfair advantage over the troublemakers. You know, just a little boost to our force field while sprinkling in some overdue calmness.

Dream Supply Instant TeaWe love our triple-threat tea with Lion’s Mane because it scares off the gloomies, Reishi for righting us on the balance beam of life, and Chamomile for it’s capabilities as a lullaby time machine.

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