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Brainchild. Ground Coffee with Lion's Mane and Cordyceps (Cognitive)

This one time in your science class someone got really obsessive around what was working and what wasn’t. That’s us. We fuss over the most efficacious organic mushroom extractions and marry them to the perfectly roasted coffee bean.

In this little concoction, we introduce Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms. Lion’s Mane powers up the brain and keeps us out of the dumps. Think of Cordyceps like cardio for your noodle. We’re here to help you elbow free a few moments to explore what’s out there. Go be brainy. Let’s see what you can do.

Also available as Instant Coffee

  • Medium roast, universal grind
  • Origin: Guatemala & Colombia, direct purchase from smallholder farmers
  • Organic adaptogenic mushrooms (per 12 oz serving):
    • 200mg Lion’s Mane, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration 
    • 200mg Cordyceps, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration
  • Premium Arabica coffee
  • 12 oz bag, nitro flushed for peak freshness (6+ month shelf life after purchase)
  • Flavor notes: medium body, pleasant acidity, buttery with notes of graham cracker, milk chocolate, and apricot (sorry, we’re kind of geeks about our coffee)

Why we love it

This is our first cup everyday to get our brains fired up to kick it off right.

We grow our organic mushrooms on real wood because nature.

Lion's ManeCordyceps