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Hocus Pocus. Ground Coffee with Chaga and Reishi (Immunity)

We think it’s impossible to care too much; about coffee farmers, the perfect roast curve or wunderfully efficacious extracts from organically grown mushrooms.

This batch is made with Chaga and Reishi to give our immune system an unfair advantage over the troublemakers. You know, just a little boost to our force field while sprinkling in some overdue calmness. Let us help you elbow free a few moments to find wunder and take on the world. It’s about to get creative up in here. Show the world You.

Also available as Instant Coffee

  • Medium roast, universal grind
  • Origin: Guatemala, direct purchase from smallholder farmers
  • Organic adaptogenic mushrooms (per 12 oz serving): 
    • 200mg Reishi, fruiting body, 15:1 concentration, duel extract
    • 200mg Chaga, fruiting body, 8:1 concentration, duel extract
  • Premium Arabica coffee
  • 12 oz bag, nitro flushed for peak freshness (6+ month shelf life after purchase)
  • Flavor notes: dark chocolate, toasted pecans, and orange

Why we love it

It tastes like a mocha when you add your favorite creamer!

We grow our organic mushrooms on real wood because nature.