Mental Health Matters: Our May Commitment

May is Mental Health Month, and over here at Wunderground, we’re fierce advocates for mental health. It’s part of the reason why we created an efficacious mushroom coffee brand to begin with, but it runs so much deeper than that. We believe that everyone deserves plentiful resources to manage their emotional health, navigate challenges, and support those they love in times of need. That’s why, this month, we’re proud to be partnering with The Jed Foundation and donating 10% of the proceeds from our popular 9 Day Challenge to this impactful organization.  

If you haven’t heard of The Jed Foundation before, they’re a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicide and protecting the emotional health of teens and young adults. What makes them unique to other mental health groups is their focus on equipping individuals, schools, and communities through everything from digital campaigns and partnerships to direct work with high schools, colleges, and universities. Through this work, Jed hopes to help people of all ages be able to seek and give help when it’s needed. 

Before Jed, most high schools and colleges lacked programming designed to support mental health, leaving those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other challenges feeling isolated and unsure of where to turn. On the other hand, friends, teachers, and other community members didn’t have all of the resources needed to care and support these young people. Today, Jed has programs at over 370 colleges and more than 550 high schools, helping support mental health through strategic plans, systems, and policies. The result? A culture of caring helps struggling students be recognized, supported, and connected to mental health care. 

Shame and stigma around mental health is another serious barrier when it comes to preventing suicide and helping young people find quality care. Although we’ve come a long way as a society in the last few years, this stigma still keeps many people from talking openly about their experiences. Jed aims to change that. A founding partner in MTV’s new Mental Health is Health initiative, Jed contributes to an online hub dedicated to starting conversations and featuring real stories from people who have overcome challenges or live with mental health conditions. They’re also committed to mobilizing communities through programs like Seize the Awkward, which brings together artists and high-profile voices like Billie Eilish and Noah Cyrus to help individuals see the warning signs, start a conversation, and utilize tips to support friends and family in need. 

Thanks to these diverse resources, Jed’s work reaches 55 million people. Want to support such an amazing org? Sign up for our 9 Day Challenge.