Our Latest Adventure? Ice Cream, In Partnership with Salt & Straw

This is just the kind of news you’ve been waiting for… As temps rise and those blissful days return, we’re adding a little something sweet to your summer by collaborating with Salt & Straw on three totally unique ice cream flavors. 

Earlier this year, we had an idea: what if we could enjoy our Wunderground faves and the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms alongside creamy, delicious ice cream? We got right to work. Since Salt & Straw has a history of whipping up the most creative flavors out there, we just knew they’d be the perfect partner to bring our vision to life. Months of brainstorming later, we debuted our creations at Coachella, scooping adaptogenic deliciousness to festival-goers. Seattleites also got the chance to sample these mouth-watering flavors at a Wunderground Café pop-up in May! The results? People got obsessed.  

Okay, okay… now that you’re craving ice cream, we’ll let you in on a little secret: all three flavors are available on Salt & Straw’s website in a summer-ready 6 Pint Mushroom Magic Pack (featuring 2 pints of each flavor). What are these life-changing flavors you ask? Let’s get into it:

Brainchild Coffee w/ Five-Spiced Hazelnut Praline 

wunderground brainchild ice cream 

Boost your brain game with this magical ice cream. Your favorite Brainchild, aka cardio for your noggin, meets salted caramel and house-made hazelnut praline. Revered throughout history, hazelnuts have long been equated with wisdom and inspiration. Here, they’re candied into a five-spice praline crunch that will ignite your taste buds…and your brainpower. Who says you can’t have ice cream in the middle of the work day? This one’s practically made for it.

Dream Supply Chamomile & Candied Orange Sorbet (Vegan)

wunderground coffee dream supply ice cream

Drift off on a dreamy chamomile cloud with this Dream Supply-infused ice cream. Salt & Straw steeped your favorite nighttime tea with Meyer lemon before churning it into cream. Then, they folded in candied orange zest to bring out even more of the tea’s citrusy floral notes. One ticket to dreamland, please. (Also, it’s vegan! Your vegan friends are gonna love you for this one). 

Hocus Pocus Red Velvet & Cocoa Nib Fudge 

wunderground mushroom coffee ice cream

For mind, body, and joy, this treat harnesses the power of chaga and reishi with Hocus Pocus. Hey better energy, healthier immune system, and a no-bad-vibes kinda attitude! Coffee-soaked red velvet tres leches brings a dark, intense coffee flavor that swirls throughout salted sweet cream. Fudgy hunks of chocolate ganache are studded with candied cacao nibs (another superfood adored for its antioxidant properties). Go and take on your day – you got this!

If you’re ready to explore your magical brain all summer long, you gotta order these! Just hurry: our limited-edition flavors are only available for a little while longer.