Wunderground's Whole Bean Mushroom Infused Coffee - A Delicious New Addition to Your Morning Routine

An image of a cup of coffee next to our Whole Bean Brainchild coffee.
A new infusion process brings mushroom health benefits to whole bean coffee.

Coffee nerds, rejoice! We're excited to announce that Wunderground Coffee's Brainchild blend is now available in whole bean! Now, Wunderground customers can make their favorite morning coffee and grind it precisely for their brewing method of choice, and that's pretty cool. 

Starting today, you can pick up a bag of our popular Brainchild Coffee, infused with adaptogenic mushrooms, at our cafe on Capitol Hill or via our website. In addition, we're offering Brainchild in a 2.2 LB KILO bag (we're looking at you, baristas!).

Wunderground's roasting expertise and our obsession with a great-tasting cup of coffee allow us to capture the benefits of adaptogens without the bitter and brothy taste associated with adaptogenic mushrooms. The result is a smooth, rich cup that doesn't require you to trade taste for benefit.

From Chemex to filter drip coffee to espresso– brew it your way! Each serving is packed with benefits from 4500 mgs of fruiting body mushrooms —a healthy dose to elevate cognition, focus, and creativity while supporting vitality, endurance, and stamina.

CEO and founder Jody Hall, Jody Hall says, "We want to make wellness as easy as drinking your coffee. And not taste like mud. Sorry, not sorry!"

And we're not just saying it's good for you—we're showing it. So here's the whole scoop behind our whole-bean Brainchild blend:

  • Brainchild Whole Bean is a medium-dark roast and blend of Organic Fair Trade Honduras and Organic Colombia specialty Arabica coffee.
  • Brainchild features Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms: Lion's Mane to elevate cognition, focus, and creativity; Cordyceps to support vitality, endurance, and stamina.
  • Brewed 16:1 (16 parts water, 1 part coffee), each 12 oz serving contains benefits from 4500 mg of organic, fruiting body mushrooms.
  •  We are pouring Brainchild in our Wunderground Cafe & Lab and love it. We pull shots at 196 degrees for about 28-32 seconds. If you're a home barista, give it a try. Espresso shots (each 18g portafilter serving delivers 3g of concentrated extract)
  • We're proud to offer Brainchild whole beans in completely biodegradable packaging that will break down in any environment - including landfills and the ocean.

Pick up a bag and try it today!

About Wunderground

Wunderground Café and the Wunderground Coffee brand were launched in 2021 to bring the vast benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms to the daily ritual of coffee. Voted the best-tasting mushroom coffee by Gear Patrol, their adaptogenic beverages can help us balance stress, anxiety, and cortisol, improve focus, boost whole system immunity, and improve mood. Wunderground coffee is available directly at wundergroundcoffee.com, in Seattle at PCC Markets, or at their Seattle Café & Lab at 1111 E. Pike St., Suite 111, Seattle, WA 98122. Wunderground is proudly certified LGBTQ and woman founded. Wunderground pledges 5% of profits toward innovative mental health therapies to help our young adult populations. For press inquiries, samples, or collaborations, contact Wunderground at: hello@wundergroundcoffee.com.